Thursday, 12 January 2012

O.P.I Sweet Heart

I bought this nail polish a good few month back now from Sallys.  I wont lie I was so disappointed with it.  
It is my first O.P.I nail polish and I only bought it because I have been looking everywhere for that perfect pink.  I have a problem with barbie pink nails and I wanted something milkier. 
I had my eye on ballet slippers by Essie but one day I was in Sallys and made an impulse buy. I got it home applied the first coat, second coat (I usually dont have the patience for more than two coats), three coats and still it wasnt where I wanted it to be.  It took ages to dry as I did apply the third coat rather heavily.  It got pushed to the back of the nail polish collection and I wanted so much to like it.  
So last night I watched CosmeticsCharlotte72 video and I watched to the end to see if she mentioned the nail polish she was wearing as I thought WOW that is perfect.  When it came to the end she said it was O.P.I Sweet Heart. I rushed to my nail polish collection ( I know, sad) and yes it was the exact same nail polish.  This gave me the determination to make it work!!
So today I wasnt very busy and I thought id give it a go. It took three thin coats on the fingers and four on the thumb with a good amount of drying time between coats to get to a stage I was happy with but im so worried im going to scratch it now. 

Anyway heres how it looks and fingers crossed it lasts longer than the time it took to apply!

Scribble soon